4H Community Garden

The 4H (Hops, Herbs, Health and Happiness) garden was created on an unloved space in Whittington Park, beside Whittington Park Community Centre.

Built as a table top top garden, it was designed to be accessible to those less able to stand for long periods, who could not bend or who used a wheelchair. The first stages were to clear the area of old and diseased shrubs and plants and then build a picket fence around the area to keep off dogs. The table top beds and surrounding borders were then built. 
It has rapidly become  busy and much loved community garden enjoyed by its users and the wider community alike. The garden is truly intergenerational with initial sowing and planting undertaken by children from the age of three upwards. Local residents help keep it tended and watered. The food is used in the Community Cafe in the park as well as shared by the users.

The 4H garden is just one of 31 new garden spaces for local people that we have helped set us as part of the We Can Grow project.

Have a look at the images to see the transformation!


before 5 .jpg