Urban Growing

Islington is one of the boroughs with the least green space in London

We love nothing more than collaborating with our local communities to identify unloved and underused spaces with the aim of transforming them into community gardening and food growing spaces.


We love growing communities!

Being outdoors and accessing nature can boost well-being, increase fitness levels, and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

The health benefits of greenspaces have demanded the attention of policymakers since the 1800s. Analysis of 143 studies show statistically significant reductions in blood pressure and heart rate, significant decreases in the incidence of diabetes, and how greenspace and street greenery form part of a multi-faceted approach to improving a wide range of health outcomes.

Couple the above with the opportunities for outdoor learning through gardening and food growing, for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, and the results can be amazing.

Outdoor learning can involve working with others, developing new skills, undertaking practical conversation and influencing society.

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