Octopus Network

The Octopus Community Network includes 14 of Islington’s largest community centres. 

We are passionate about the role that Community Centres play in local communities as they are often at the heart of communities, offering and hosting an ever-expanding range of services, public events and activities, and spaces to meet friends and contribute to community life.


Octopus Community Network is a peer-led network. It is made up of 14 of Islington's largest multi-purpose community centres.

Each Community Centre is a designated Community Hub and is funded by Islington Council as a Strategic Neighbourhood Partner - to help deliver a place-based 'localities' programme by responding to the specific needs of their diverse communities.

Octopus is funded by Islington Council as a Borough-wide Strategic Partner, and is responsible for providing leadership, working with established networks and building the capacity of those networks.


Find out more about the Centres that make up the network here.

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"Being part of Octopus Community Network is important to us as it allows Community Centre Managers to share information, raise awareness of local issues, provide peer-led support, develop mutually beneficial collaborations and joint-projects; all with the aim of improving the lifes of Islington residents." Centre Manager



"Becoming a Community Hub has enabled our Centre to become part of the Octopus Community Network. We have been able to share ideas and learn from one another. As each Community Centre Hub is so different, it has been a refreshing experience to see the many varied ways that a community centre can respond effectively to local community need." Centre Manager


"Collaborating as a Network means that we are better able to influence policy and practice and address inequalities that exist in service design and provision. Most important of all, we can work together to deliver services that are informed by the needs of local people." Centre Manager