Health and Wellbeing



StayWell, LiveWell delivered a community-led model for reaching out to, and engaging with, marginalized communities experiencing health inequalities.

There was no 'one size fits all' approach to StayWell, LiveWell, but rather, a diverse set of strategies and approaches.  The programme of activities was developed by the Steering Group composed of representatives of each participating Community Centre, in partnership with local people, and focused upon the concerns and circumstances and interests, of those involved.

A key success of the programme structure is ongoing responsivity at the local level. Many of the strategies, programme activities, and partnerships developed are still ongoing and have become a sustainable programme.

"It's the only place that I can come and socialise with other men." Men's Social Club Member

"We have health and well-being talks, food, poetry, dancing and everyone takes part. All these help me get out of the house. Without these places (community centres) or activities, I will be at home sitting like a couch potatoe and waking TV." Centre Member


The Mindfulness Course at the Stress Project was developed to equip people with the skill set and to introduce practices that can help them deal with depression and significantly reduce incidences of relapse into depression.

The eight-week course offered by the Stress Project is an adapted version of the course developed by Segal, Williams and Teasdale.

  • Initial 30-40 minute interview with each candidate undertaken by a trained course facilitator.
  • Initial 2-hour Mindfulness Taster Session
  • Progression onto the eight-week programme
  • Individual engagement in homework exercises
  • Individual completion of GAD7 and PHQ9 questionnaires
  • Individual completion of evaluation forms

"Learning to let go of resistance figuring out what I need to alleviate the depression, letting myself feel and realising I am work spending time on myself." Young Person attending Mindfulness Workshops

"(Mindfulness) has really helped reduce symptoms of anxiety and boosted confidence and focus. We think that mindfulness complements our six-week employment programme extremely well as many young people (NEET) are experiencing poor mental health." Coach, Employment Programme


Estate We Play can be considered an effective practice example of how families living on the same estate, yet experiencing social isolation, came together to create a programme of social and physical activities. Over the last two years the Hornsey Lane Estate residents were supported by the team Hornsey Lane Community Centre to create Estate We Play. Development and implementation activities included:

  • Community Roadshow Event - to inform and engage
  • Community Events, Tasters and Have a go - to motivate and inspire
  • Identifying Community Assets - finding out what skills, knowledge, expertise and interests existed in the local community
  • Engaging Volunteers to work with Community Centre staff and Community Development Officers to design and implement a programme of health and wellbeing activities.
  • Delivering a programme that is resident-led.

"We have a new network of organisations supporting our Estate We Play project and our wider work. StayWell, LiveWell and Estate We Play has really raised the profile of our Community Centre in Islington - with local providers and the general public." Community Centre Team