In Your Garden

Dashed Line

Hopefully, with this lovely weather that we are having, flaming June will provide you with ample opportunity to sit and admire all of your hard work, listen to the birds, the wind rustling the leaves of the tress, and the odd mower or two whirring in the background.  Yes, I’m an urban gardener and relish the garden that I have and the peace and tranquillity that it offers … I realise that I am very lucky to have a garden in London.

Apart from sitting back and admiring there’s always need for jobs to be done, but I don’t want to limit you to the types of jobs that I will be doing, which mainly seems to consist of pruning, dead heading roses and tidying, So, I want to share with you all of the wonderful advice offered by much more expert gardeners than me.  So, here’s a few hints and tips that I have found that you might benefit from:

Gardener Sarah Raven, says that now is the time for

  • direct sowing brassicas and leeks for winter harvest
  • a second sowing of courgettes
  • continue succession growing of carrots, French beans, Borlotti beans and sugar snap peas.
  • edible flowers such as borage and marigolds should be made the most of, and
  • strawberries, blackcurrants and redcurrants should be ready for picking in June.

If like me you are wishing for a little rain, it is worthwhile making sure that your plants are checked and watered daily if the soil is dry.  I must say, I’ve not had to water yet, but with the weather forecast for the next week or so I think I’ll have to use some of the water that’s been collected in the water butt.  It is very likely that a water metering system will be introduced in the area where I live, so I’m currently looking at how to introduce a water harvesting system, so watch this space for an update!

In the flower garden, seed company Thompson & Morgan suggest that you should lift and divide clumps of snowdrops and bluebells (that’s a job that I’ve yet to do) but remember it’s best to wait until the leaves start to yellow.  I also need to lift and divide the Muscari clumps, so I’ll put that on my to do list. I’ll also be harvesting the flower heads from my little lavender plants .. these can be used to decorate cakes or cards!

June is a great time for your hanging baskets and container gardens, as the soil and night temperatures are warmer and will provide movable and meanwhile places for all the summer bedding that you can now buy easily.  I’m always moving my pots around so that they are in the right position, or I just want to change things around a little.  Pots and containers are really great for brightening up your balcony, window sills, decking or backyard.

Finally, one last job for me will be to clip the natural hedge that I planted about five years ago as it’s growth has become very active!