Community Centre Week

During the Covid-19 pandemic we know all Community Centres and those connected to them will be doing their very best to make sure that food gets to those who need it and activities and services are re-purposed. 2020 will be our 7th year of CCWeekUK and we will be doing all we can to celebrate the value of our community centres.

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Last year on 19th July 2019 we celebrated the start of Community Centre Week!

As always, the week was all about celebrating how much we love community centres, and the value they bring to their communities. Social media exploded with social media posts from across the country, of lots of people sharing the love!

2019's year's theme for CCWeekUK was food poverty, who would have known what 2020 would bring. So now, with the Covid-19 pandemic we need to all celebrate what our community centres are doing to address food poverty and insecurity - putting together and delivering food parcels to those most in need.  We want to continue to celebrate the brilliant work communtiy centres across the country are doing to tackle food poverty in their local areas, from holiday schemes, to elder's lunches. This is a great opportunty to talk about the issues that your local community are facing, and celebrate the hard work your community centre puts in to addressing these.

On top of this, we wanted to give you lots more fun ideas that you could implement in your local centre that involve food! We've come up with top tips, which include music, films, workshops and more.

Download our promotional pack to help you plan your CCWeek here.

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