Caroline's Rooftop Garden

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Caroline is an experienced gardener with lots of knowledge and ideas that she loves to share. We first met her as a member of the St John’s Medical Practice Patient Participation Group (PPG), where their Well-Being Committee was running gardening activities to promote people’s health and well-being. Caroline and the PPG became involved in developing Partington Community Garden on the Elthorne estate (watch out for next month’s edition with an article on Partington), transforming it into a thriving growing space.

Caroline has lots of local community knowledge and practical expertise. Caroline participated in our first Volunteer Champion’s programme and has offered her time for free as a volunteer on many occasions. Octopus has also offered her work as a freelance sessional worker, making use of her many skills.

Caroline has a calm, consistent and inclusive style. I was really impressed when I watched Caroline get group of quite lively teenage boys really engaged and involved in planting out runner beans at the Community Plant Nursery. Her demonstrations of the technical aspects of putting up the bean poles securely and tying intricate knots really grabbed their attention plus the promise they could eat the beans in the future!!! Caroline also provided the scale design drawings for both Andover Inspires and High Quadrant projects.

Caroline doesn’t have a lot of outdoor space at home, so she makes the most of her rooftop - it’s small but it sure packs a punch.  Everything Caroline grows is in pots and containers, so she has a very regular watering plan to make sure nothing dries out.  As the rooftop can’t take a lot of weight Caroline has to be careful with how many big pots and containers that she has up there.

We think Caroline should enter her rooftop garden into Islington in Bloom 2020.

This year’s categories include:

  • Best front garden
  • Best back garden
  • Best window box
  • Best house plant
  • Best container garden
  • Best tree pit
  • Best children's garden drawing or model
  • Best children's planting

But which category should she enter? Any ideas? 

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