Action for Local Food

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Action for Local Food is a movement to create local solutions that address the climate emergency and benefit local people by growing fresh food, building soil, harvesting water, preventing food waste and sharing surplus food. The big picture vision is everyone in Islington having access to local, fresh, nutritious and sustainable food. This project is a collaboration between Octopus Communities Network, Global Generation, Islington Council and Islington communities

There are so many advantages to creating a local, sustainable food system. Fresh food grown in our borough is healthier and better for our planet. Reducing food waste is good for the climate, and for our wallets and purses. Turning unused land into food-growing spaces can create more peaceful, beautiful areas of Islington filled with nature. Growing fruit and vegetables locally can bring people together, improving physical and mental health whilst creating a more resilient community. We can grow in ways that improve biodiversity, making Islington a better home for more plants and wildlife. In the event of future pandemics or similar crises, wouldn’t it be nice to know we have lots of food growing on our doorstep? Wouldn’t it be nice to feel embedded in the local ecosystem? 

By growing food locally, we can grow a stronger community, empowering local people to shape the way food works for their community. We can build a movement of growers who can nurture fruit and veg from seed to plate, enabling more people to feel connected to what they eat. Working together, we will grow a thriving network of residents, businesses and community groups and transform our food system from the ground up.

Islington is one of the London boroughs with the least green space, so growing lots of food locally won’t be easy. We will need to be smart. We need to find creative ways of making the most of what we have - from developing ways to grow on concrete, rooftops and in parks, to creating initiatives that connect our spare food with those in need. As we build on our successes, we can help improve our communities and become a shining example for other urban areas around the world.

Want to join the movement or just hear some more details? Here’s how:

  1. The Action for Local food team have been organizing online movement making events where you can learn about what’s happening locally, discover how to get involved and meet like-minded people who want to create a positive impact. Join us at one of our introduction ‘Action for Local Food’ sessions found on our events timetable
  2. If you would like to hear about future Action for Local Food events, news and activities, take one minute to fill out our online form so we can get to know you a little bit and stay in contact.