Community Health Champions help local people live healthier lives through supporting provision of health related projects.

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Smoking Cessation Clinic volunteer case study:

P has been with the working at the clinic since it opened up 18 months ago. “I started doing volunteer work with the Light Project as most of my family members smoke. After learning the impact of smoking, I wanted help to support people quit smoking.”

P has enhanced her confidence as a result of working at the clinic and achieved her goal of supporting people to stop smoking. “I feel confident speaking to clients as I can learn so much about the reason behind their smoking. This then led me to find out about other health challenges they have.” She has successfully supported a few clients to quit smoking and a lot of them with health challenges have reduced their smoking. “I have met a lot of clients that smoke are vulnerable and isolated or don’t socialise with other people.”

When I asked her the impact of volunteering at the clinic on her health, P said “when my clients quit smoking, it makes me proud for being part of their journey to getting there and I praise them for their determination and hard work.”  She has received thank you cards from clients who the service at the clinic excellent, “it feels nice to be appreciated”. P attends events and functions in the community to promote the services of stop their stop smoking clinic.  

As a result of training and experience of her volunteering role at the cessation clinic, P has managed to apply and successfully secure a paid cessation adviser role with Breathe. “I will use the skills I have gained from this clinic and developed it further. Coming here has enhanced my communication skills, team work and confidence.”

P said that she feels “positive and grateful for the support” she gets from the Light Project, Octopus and Breathe.