Octopus is a registered charity and pro-actively seeks donations of time and money to make what we do amazing!

This year Community Centre Week is the launch of an exciting campaign - but we need your help!

In response to the Covid-19 crisis, we're on a mission not only to celebrate what community centres do to tackle food poverty, we are also getting more people, more local businesses and more corporates involved! Corporates have a big role to play in all that we do, so we want to help connect them with their local community.

The damaging issue of food poverty is still a big one in Islington, and during the Covid-19 pandemic this has been exacerbated. As the fourth most deprived borough in London, 19,000 of inhabitants experience high levels of food insecurity and shockingly 1 in 10 London children go to bed hungry. However, we want to tackle this.

At Octopus, our theme for Community Centre Week 2019 was Food Poverty. Due to the high concentration of nearly 2000 food and drink outlets located in Islington, the window of opportunity for help from the local businesses is huge. Having a healthy diet is critical in preventing illness and maintaining a high calibre of health and wellbeing. But research has revealed a healthy diet can cost over 50% more than an unhealthy one. Accessibility and affordability therefore can interfere with reaching a healthy and balanced diet and these can be concluded as the pivotal reasons for food insecurity in Islington today. 

No one could have predicted a global pandemic in 2020, but this is where we are and what we are coping with. We need your help now, more than ever!

This campaign aims to get local businneses involved. Hornsey Lane Estate Community Association, Elizabeth House and Hilldrop Community Centres are collectively looking for support from local businesses to aid with reducing food poverty in our community. With supermarkets, cafes and restaurants at the heart of our area, economy and life, it is shocking how people in our community are still facing this unnecessary issue. Hopefully with the driving force of our community centres, mutual partnerships with local eateries will be established with the primary aim of reducing food poverty for all.

We are developing programmes with three members of the Network, that will tackle food poverty in their communities.

You can help too!