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  • Centres involved in this Project
  • Community Hubs Network: Our centres are based at the heart of their communities, offering and hosting an ever-expanding range of services, public events and activities, and spaces to meet friends and contribute to community life. Read more...
  • Inspiring Employability - Career Orienteer: Career Orienteer is our unique and pro-active response to improving back to work support. At the heart of our approach is life-coaching. Read more...
  • Inspiring Community Centres - CCWeekUK: Coming together makes a real difference in our community, and we're community-led and community owned! @CCWeekUK #loveyourcc www.facebook.com/ccweekuk Read more...
  • Inspiring Young People: Octopus is delighted to be supporting the work of London Village Network in Islington. Why?...because we just love youth-led social action. Why?...because we think there's a lot of talented young people out there. Read more...
  • Urban Wild Places : Grow wild things, grow food, grow amazing flowers, grow vegetables and herbs you've never heard of before. We love our urban communities because We Can Grow in the smallest and obscure places! Read more...
  • StayWell, LiveWell: Six of Islington's Community Hubs have come together to encourage their local communities to live healthier lifestyles... how? Read more...
  • Growing Octopus Communities: We have the Power to Change. We are committed to developing our unique Community Centre Peer Network to grow our membership! Read more...
  • Urban Wild Places: ...We Can Grow - it's a YES until we are told NO! Read more...

"What is health or well-being for a young person. It's for them to say ... it's not always the conventional measures, it's more abstract. It's about quality of life, broad benefits, friendships and relationship, skills, pride in yourself, focusing on yourself in a more positive way."

"I feel better in myself now that I've started eating more healthily and it wasn't as hard as I thought."

Islington Health Works

Islington Health Works was a five year programme of activities aimed at improving the health of some of the most disadvantaged residents in Islington.

Islington Health Works (IHW) involved 12 organisations working as a network to deliver 18 healthy living projects. It was established in 2003 under the national Healthy Living Centres initiative.

IHW has been the largest project delivered through the Octopus Network and its wider partners. An initial funding grant of £991,000 enabled us to set up the catalyst programme of services that went on to attract a further £3,909,000 in match funding.

The project made a significant impact locally by:

  • Setting up 8 food initiatives and 4 grow your own schemes
  • Provided 500 volunteering opportunities
  • Provided exercise opportunities for 6,500 of Islington's most disadvantaged residents
  • 5,500 people improved their diet and that of their families
  • 7,000 people improved their understanding of health services and how to access them
  • Reduced the falls risk for 1,400
  • 200 people to gain qualifications after training on health issues
  • Improved mobility for 300 individuals who suffered stroke or heart attack
  • Improved the mental health for 6,500 individuals

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