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What is a Community Hub?
Community Hubs provide a focal point and facilities to foster greater local community activity and bring residents, the local business community, and smaller organisations together to improve the quality of life in their areas.

Definition of a Hub

In Islington, a Community Hub is a building that is accessible to all groups in the neighbourhood or area that it serves. It is a multi-purpose Community Centre providing a range of high quality and cost effective services to the local community, with the potential to develop new services in response to changing community needs.

A Community Hub will have strong working relationships with other local community services - for example, tenant halls/rooms, Children's Centres, nurseries, extended schools and faith groups. Community Hubs should be a base for outreach and signposting people to other local services.

A Community Hub will comply with current Disability Discrimination Act and Health and Safety requirements and be compatible with the latest environmental standards.

A Community Hub will be compliant with and maintain the VISIBLE standard.

Community Hubs also have a role in supporting Ward Partnerships.


To measure performance and maintain a consistantly high standard the Hubs currently follow these Key Performance indicators:

  • Develop and deliver services that support one or more of the Council’s corporate priorities and the recommendations of the Fairness Commission.
  • Develop a robust Business Plan to sustain the organisation over the next four years and demonstrate that governance structures are effective.
  • Increase the number of Islington residents accessing the organisation’s services and develop new ways of promoting the organisation’s activities.
  • Increase the number and variety of volunteering opportunities for Islington residents within the organisation.
  • Achieve a recognised organisational quality mark – ‘VISABLE’ or equivalent.
  • Establish Supportive links with small frontline groups in the area and help them to develop their capacity and reach.
  • Demonstrate effective joint working with voluntary, community, statutory and private sector partners and participate in meetings of the hub network.
  • Support the development of the local Ward Partnership.

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