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Developing Inspiring Community Centres is what Octopus is all about.  Our current focus is on an approach to community development that is founded on quality, proving impact, being environmentally responsible, and resource efficient. 

Our work with Volunary Action Islington through the Community Buildings Project, is helping spearhead our work around joint purchasing and resourcing, and are supporting individual community centres to achieve the Charity Commission recognized 'VISIBLE' standard.

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Community Hubs Network

Our centres are based at the heart of their communities, offering and hosting an ever-expanding range of services, public events and activities, and spaces to meet friends and contribute to community life.



The Community Hubs Network is collaboration between 13 of Islington's designated Community Hubs, which are all quality assured and 'VISIBLE' multi purpose community centres that have been long established in the borough.

A Community Hub is a building that is accessible to all groups in the neighbourhood and builds strong working relationships with other local community services.

By creating a unique network between the Hubs we are able to exchange advice, share resources and knowledge to facilitate every Hub in providing the best possible service throughout Islington.



Being the Community Hubs Network Coordinator means that we ...

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Islington's Community Hubs Network is collaborating on Four Key Themes:

1. Inspiring Older People: Older People are supported in living fulfilling lives.


  • Developing strategic collaborations with key stakeholders.
  • Better understanding the needs of older people by commissioning research, undertaking consultations and involving older people in the design of services.
  • Collaborating with like-minded organisatonst to develop a borough-wide, joined-up approach to ensure services are more cost effective, and efficient.
  • Developing programmes and services that help overcome isolation.

2. Inspiring Volunteers: Islington residents are more socially connected and take an active role in community development


  • Taking a pro-active approach to resident engagement by collaborating with key stakeholders, including Islington Council
  • Building greater connectivity with local businesses to develop a Network-wide programme of corporate volunteering.
  • Implementing a programme of training for volunteers so that services are increased and/or improved.

3. Inspiring Employability: Community Hubs become a gateway to employability support for residents in most need of support.


  • Making a Hub-wide commitment to fundraising activities that will enable the employment of Apprentices to increase the life chances of young people.
  • Supporting parents hardest hit by the new Welfare Reforms in making a successful transition into working for themselves.
  • Working collaboritively to ensure that Job-Clubs or employability support is provided across the Network.

4. Inspiring Community Centres: Islington Community Hubs become the 'new generation' of community centres.


  • Facilitating a Peer Support network to share skills, experience and know-how
  • Engaging corporate volunteers to exchange and share key business skills to capacity build key staff and local organisations that community hubs work closely with.
  • Observing effective practice with a view to 'future proofing' community-based organisations and sustainability.
  • Supporting the Hubs to maintain their quality standards externally acknowledged through achievement of the VISIBLE standard.

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